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NRF cow in Norway
Norwegian Red (NRF) cow in Norway Photo: Mari Bjørke
05.03.12    Author: Dr. Gary Rogers

March 2012 proofs Norwegian Red

The top ranking NRF sires for Total Merit Index (TMI) changed very little with the March 2012 proofs. Eggtroen, Haga, Amdal and Eik top the Norwegian Red Total Merit Index.


Eggtroen (10579), Amdal (10682) and Eik (10540) were joined in the top 4 sires by the older and popular sire Haga (10278) after Velsvik (10432) was removed from the available sire list due to his untimely death.  Haga (10278) added over 1500 second crop daughters recently and his ranking is still outstanding.  Haga will have a large impact worldwide and he is noted for his excellent daughter fertility (fertility index of 117) and outstanding udders (udder index of 115).  Eggtroen (milk index of 126) and Eik (milk index of 125) will produce daughters with outstanding production and outstanding disease resistance.  Both bulls will see heavy use around the world.  Amdal will produce extremely fertile daughters (fertility index of 118) with nice udders (udder index of 110).  Overall this is a great group of top sires that will work in any breeding program.


First proof for 33 new bulls

We had 33 new NRF bulls receive their first official proofs in March and the highest new bull for TMI is Tranmael (10704) with a TMI of 19.  Tranmael (10704) is a half-brother to the popular Tranmael (10544) who was bred in the same herd.  Other interesting new sires with moderate TMIs include 3 new polled sires Engebakken (10673) (TMI of 18), Voll (10692) (TMI of 15) and Reitan (10689) (TMI of 13).  Engbebakken and Voll are sons of Guterud (5618) and Reitan is sired by Svarstad (5522).  Engebakken and Voll may not have semen available in some markets for several months.


Daughters of Tranmael (10704) will have outstanding udders (udder index of 116) as well as excellent production, especially fat production (fat kg = 115).  Engebakken (10673) and Voll (10692) both have well-balanced trait profiles with high producing daughters (Engebakken milk index = 117, Voll = 112).  Reitan (10689) has daughters with very good production as well (milk index of 110) and his daughters will have excellent fertitly (fertility index = 111).  Reitan will also be good for use on maiden heifers because of his excellent paternal (direct) calving ease (113).  Reitan will have daughters with good udders (udder index of 110) and he will produce daughters that are smaller than average which may appeal to herds wanting more moderate to smaller sized cows.

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