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Norwegian Red (NRF) sire Amdal (252NR10682)
The Norwegian Red (NRF) sire Amdal’s index of 122 for daughter fertility places him near the top of the currently available bulls for daughter fertility. Photo: Klingwall
06.12.11    Author: By Gary W. Rogers

The top Norwegian Red bulls Eik, Eggtroen and Velsvik are joined by new bull Amdal

The top ranking NRF sires for Total Merit Index (TMI) changed very little with the December 2011 proofs. However, a new bull, Amdal (252NR10682) has joined Eik (252NR10540), Eggtroen (252NR10579), and Velsvik (252NR10432) in the top 4 sires for TMI.


We had 11 new NRF bulls receive their first official proofs in December and the new bull Amdal (252NR10682), who is polled, will be a great addition to the NRF sire lineup.


Amdal (252NR10682) is one of the first sons of Olstad (252NR5654) to get an official proof. Amdal is another well balanced sire who will produce daughters with outstanding fertility, excellent mastitis and disease resistance and very good udder conformation. 


Amdal’s index of 122 for daughter fertility places him near the top of the currently available bulls for daughter fertility. Amdal joins a long list of outstanding NRF sires for daughter fertility including the well known Velsvik (252NR10432) who is 123 for daughter fertility. This new bull Amdal enhances the unmatched international standing of NRF sires for daughter fertility.  NRF daughters are quickly becoming known as the most fertile of all dairy cattle around the world and Amdal will add to this reputation.


Eik (252NR10540) and Eggtroen (252NR10579), who is polled, maintained the top 2 spots on the NRF TMI list. Both these sires will produce daughters with outstanding production. Eik daughters will also have very nice udders (114 for mammary system) following in the steps of his maternal grandsire Ulsaker (252NR5277) who had a huge positive impact on conformation in NRF. 


Velsvik (252NR10432) maintained his extremely well balanced trait profile and sets a new standard for fitness traits as he is one of the best NRF sires of all time for the fitness traits. Velsvik is remarkable for his combination of outstanding daughter fertility (123), paternal calving ease (118), mastitis resistance (113), resistance to disease other than mastitis (128), and for his daughters’ outstanding udders (117).


Ruud (252NR10624), a newcomer last summer, added 12 daughters since his September proof and maintained his outstanding production and udder proofs.  Interest in Ruud continues to grow.


Naxbie (252NR10632) (a homozygous polled son of Heigre (252NR5646)), another recently proven sire, added 25 daughters (now 221 daughters with production information) and increased in TMI to 11.  Naxbie has a well-balanced trait profile and may especially be interesting for grazing herds and other herds that are interested in low management inputs.


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